En avril, le magasine anglais de ELLE DECORATION a mis à l'honneur l'architecte Anne-Sophie Pailleret à travers la visite de son appartement parisien dont les murs ont été peints avec des teintes Ressources issues entre autres de la collection Itinéraires 

La designer française y explique son choix :


What makes this brand so special?
Ressource Peintures is one of the few remaining independent paint manufacturers in France. Located in the Provençal area of Roussillon, famed for its ochre quarries that are used to create its pigments, the company has been making paint since 1946.

Why is its paint so desirable?
The extensive palette has been researched by ‘colour archaeologist’ Patrick Baty, who studies historical and architectural paint applications to inform the brand’s collections. To date this includes six core ranges, from ‘Traditional’ to ‘The 1970s’. 

Are there any more benefits? 
Due to the paint’s natural origins, with the pigments directly mined at source, sustainability has always been central to Ressource’s ethos. The paints contain less than half the permitted amount of VOC content (airborne nasties), making them eco-friendly as well as beautiful. 

So, how has it gained its stylish reputation? 
Over the years, Ressource has joined forces with selected French tastemakers noted for their fascination with colour, to create special collections. These include renowned fashion designer Serge Bensimon and interior designer Sarah Lavoine, whose ‘Bleu Sarah’ is one of 36 shades produced in her range. 

Fantastic! Where can I buy it? 
Ressource is available exclusively in France, but you can order colour cards and paint directly from its Paris store ( 


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